Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Day of My Life is live!

Last Day of My Life is live on Amazon!

I hope everyone loves Jack and Winter as much as I do!


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm in the process of reading this to review for your upcoming tour with Author's Taproom, and Lani, I have literally gotten goosebumps twice and been brought to tears three times. I LOVE this book so far!!!

  2. :)))) I'm so happy that you like it!! That makes me excited that you feel that way. It was definitely an emotional one to write!

    1. It seems like you had a lot of emotion invested in it for sure. That one scene with the dispatcher (trying not to spoil anything) had me in tears. The part where she's pulled from the car while using her Dora binoculars (ha ha) gave me goosebumps. THANK YOU for signing up with Author's Taproom; I'm SO happy I was able to learn about you and read your book!

      Just left 5-star reviews EVERYWHERE, and I'm looking forward to hosting and promoting it on Romance Novel Giveaways on the 16th!

  3. I really appreciate it, Lauren!

    It makes my day to know that you loved it! I hope you enjoy the others in the series just as much.